Donald Trump "America's Zhirinovsky"? - See what Zhirinovsky says about this comparison

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Donald Trump has during the US presidential elections, sometimes been compared in media with the controversial Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky. But what has Mr Zhirinovsky to say about this, and what opinion does he really have about Trump?

Zhirinovsky is known for his hot temperament and getting into fist fights with political opponents, and for his ability to leave controversial political statements about whatever thoughts he has on his mind. He is often being compared to Donald Trump.

A Russian journalist from the TV-show Telekanal Dozhd, had a chance to ask Mr Zhirinovsky questions about what he really thinks of Donald Trump and the comparison between the two of them.

"The people want Trump. That is because Trump is brave. He has his own money. He has been in bussines for a long time. He has done his own projects. And free people like him, nobody likes anywhere. Everywhere the 'Mafia' tries to install its own people in power, puppets, that do what they have been told...", says Zhirinovsky.

About the comparison to Trump, Zhirinovsky responds that this is a "misconception" mostly, but there are som similarities between them.

"That is misconceptions. Some people compared me with Shakassvilli, everybody has a opinion. How can you compare? Everything is different. But of course you can compare with things like bravness and talk free about topics that worries the public. There you have some similarities between us."

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Zhirinovsky says he have met Trump once.

"I have met Trump once by coincidence. It was in 2002. I have some photos actually. He has big black buildings with 40 floors. And we came to one of these buildings, sat down with him and talked. He is a genial person. We sat done and talked for about 15-20 minutes or so. With others it is difficult to meet, but with him it is possible.

Zhirinovsky also had a few things to say about Hillary Clinton.

"The Mafia, wants Hillary [Clinton]. Why? Because her husband, Bill [Clinton], is a member of The Bilderberg Group. They brought him to power last decade, and they want to repeat this with Hillary, so she can continue the politics och Bill Clinton. But Trump is a man of the people. And that’s why they are afraid of him."