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A 40-year-old doctor in Sweden has lost his job because he licked the breasts of a 25-year-old female patient. The doctor is no facing prosecution for sexual assault. But he gets to keep his license and can work elsewhere in the country.

When a woman sought treatment for what proved to be meningitis in the emergency room in the Swedish city of Skövde, the doctor then began to touch her breasts.

He first opened her braw and started to touch with his fingers, and then he started to lick the breasts with his tongue, according to Swedish Radio P4 Skaraborg. Later he called the woman from his private mobile phone.

According to the police investigation, the doctor has been fired from his job and he has also earlier been sexually intrusive against colleagues.

The doctor who is believed to be a immigrant and has a typical Middle Eastern name, denies the accusations, although he admits in interviews with the police that he in fact touched the woman's breasts, but that it was of medical interest only ,and that the woman according to him "encouraged it".

He is now currently working in another part of the country during the judicial process against him.


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