Illustration: From the satirical parody movie Airplane! (1980). Two guys people spekaing Jive (Ebonics) - Screenshot/Youtube


Do you wanna learn on how to speak like black people do in America?

It's called African American Vernacular English (AAVE), or just Ebonics. It's a language, or more of a dialect that is spoken by mostly African-Americans, but also by some white people across America.

It is believed that Ebonics arose as a distinct dialect from one or more slave creoles that arose from the trans-Atlantic African slave trade and the need for African captives to communicate among themselves and with their captors.

What is clear is that there is a strong relationship between Ebonics and Southern U.S. dialects.

The unique characteristics of Ebonics are not fully understood and its origins are still a matter of debate.

Some maisntream english words translated into Ebonics:

Store = Sto

Whore = Ho/Hoe

Good = Dope