Screenshot photo: Eric Sowa/Twitter

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A 9-year-old girl freaked out by the horror of finding a large disgusting spider that was baked into the cookie that her mother bought for her at an ALDI supermarket in Lindenhurt, Long Island in New York City last week.

The girl's father, Eric Sowa, told ABC7 Chicago that his wife had purchased the box of cookies for his 9-year-old daughter last Thursday when she wanted an after-school treat. That's when they found the spider, which he said appears to be a spider baked into the cookie.

Sowa said his wife, Elizabeth, contacted ALDI headquarters, and they offered her a $5 coupon as a compensation, and said the manufacturer would be in contact.

As of Monday afternoon, Sowa said the company has not contacted his wife.

Sowa said that the $5 coupon was "laughable" and that his daughter has been upset after coming close to eating a "spider cookie."


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