ISIS Harambe Spjut, Gorilla Harambe and terrorist organization ISIS - Montage/Twitter/Wikipedia


A Twitter user, Andre Golo, says he talked to a woman and when she presented herself by name, he couldn't belive what he had heard and thought it was some sort of a prank.

The woman's name is ISIS Harambe and Golo posted a copy of her driver's licence on Twitter.

Many users who commented on Golo's post, thought it was a big hoax. But The Daily Dot managed to contact the woman and confirm that Golo was telling the truth. Such a woman with that kind of name, really exists.

According to The Daily Dot, the woman, ISIS Harambe Spjut, is a 19-year-old woman that lives in California.

She tells the Daily Dot, that “I trip out with my name constantly,” explaining that she finds herself having to convince people that she hasn’t simply changed her name for a laugh, “I don’t know if they believe me, but who changes their name?”

She says the reason for her strange name is simple - her parents were somewhat unconventional. Her mother chose her first name, Isis, based off Bob Dylan song and the Egyptian goddess of the same name. Her father chose Harambe, as her second name, which means ‘working together' in Swahili.

For those who still don't get it, ISIS also stands for the Islamic State, a terrorist organization. And Harambe was the name of a gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo, who was killed last year, when a 4-year-old boy fell into the Gorilla enclosure.