Youtube - Illustration: Madonna


Madonna has convinced the Malawian authorities, and has been granted permission, to adopt more kids from the African country, two twin girls, after the 58-year-old popstar assured the court, the that if she in any case would die, her step sister would take care of the girls and raise them, according to the Daily Mail.

The judge ruled: '[Madonna's] extended family are equally on-board with the adoption. "One of her sister’s and her husband have executed a declaration of their willingness to step in as guardian of the two infants should anything happen to the petitioner."

According to documents released by the high court, Madonna had to undergo a medical assessment before being allowed to adopt the children.

After she was granted the permission, the singer then chartered a private jet to bring the two girls, Stella and Esther, to New York to her home, which was described by the judge as "a luxurious, spacious and comfortable abode in an affluent neighbourhood".

Madonna adopted Malawian children David Banda and Mercy James in 2006 and 2009. She also has two other children, Lourdes and Rocco, from previous relationships.