© Youtube - Image: Syrian refugees in Europe

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What seemed to be a 15-year-old child refugee, that was seeking asylum in Sweden, turned out to be a 45-year-old car mechanic from Dubai, who's now charged for gang rape of a child in a Swedish asylum accommodation in Alvesta.

He came to Sweden as a Syrian "child refugee" claiming he was 15 years old. At an asylum accomodation in Alvesta where he resided, he together with an another man, also claiming to be a "child", raped a boy who was living there. The whole act was filmed with mobile phones.

After the Swedish authorities decided to do a age test of the suspected rapists, a so called dental x-ray, it turned out that they both were over 18 years old. How old exactly, the authorities do not want to be public about.

- "I can not say how old he is, the only thing I can say is that he is over 18 years old", says prosecutor Emma Berge.

But some information got out to the public. Because one of the suspects had written on Facebook, that he was actually 45 years old and from Dubai, where he worked as a car mechanic.
- I will insist that the two are sentenced to imprisonment and deportation, says Emma Berge to SVT Nyheter.