Professor Jordan Peterson and Femen demonstrators - Youtube


The Canadian psychology professor, Jordan Peterson, says that men who are feminists are some sort of Beta men, who do it only to get laid with women.

Professor Jordan Peterson talks in a show with the host Joe Rogan, about The Male Dominance Hierarchy, and he points out that men do what they can, to get hot women in bed.

According to professor Peterson, men has since ancient times strived to get one thing - Sex with women.

Everything that men do, has a direct connection to getting laid and impress on women. Men have competed in all kinds of shit like physic strength, looks, income, become sport stars, investment bankers, becoming feminist, or what ever the fuck, that is necessary to get some.


Feminist protest - Archive image


Those men that tend to lose in the competition to other more men, are trying to find other ways to get laid with women.

Basically what the professor means, is that those men that tend to lose the battle over the women to more Alpha male types in the competition, also tend to submit more to feminist women and their will as an example, just to improve their chances to have sex with them.

In other words, these Beta feminist men will do what ever it takes to please feminist women, including become self hating feminist males, if that is what it takes.