© Screenshot/Andris Sondral Visdal - Karsten Nordal Hauken

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A Norwegian man, Karsten Nordal Hauken, is a member of the Socialist Left Party and he now revels his story "I was raped by a man" in Norweigan press of how he was raped by a Somali refugee in Norway a couple of years ago.
In fact he feels sorry and has a lot of guilt that the Somali refugee was sentenced to jail for his crime, and even worse, deported from Norway back to Somalia, and that he destroyed the Somali's future in Norway.
Hauken writes that he is a feminist and a antiracist and therefore can not blame the Somali refugee for his crime, because he is a product of his environment, according to Hauken.
Hauken believes that it was mostly a demonstration of power from the Somalian to rape him, not out of desire.
"I feel no anger towards my rapist, and people do not understand my position in this. But I have to some extent chosen to accept that he is responsible for his own actions. This was difficult. For I see him mostly as a product of an unjust world. A product of a childhood marked by war and distress...", Hauken writes.

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