Photomontage/Youtube - Illustration: Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan.

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Turkey has threatened to leave NATO if it doesn't receive more support, according to Meanwhile, Turkey strengthens its ties with Russia after a meeting between President Recep Erdogan and Vladimir Putin earlier this week.

In an outburst following NATO's perceived lack of backing after the failed coup, foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu threatened Turkey would "think of exit" if NATO did not step up to defend the country.

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This outburst comes at the same time as a Turkish admiral "seeks asylum" in US after the failed military coup against President Recep Erdogan.

He also warned if the West "loses" Turkey it would be because of its own mistakes, not Ankara's improving ties with Russia, China or the Middle East.

Turkey is a key member state in NATO as it straddles the border between Europe and Asia and acts as a key broker between the West and the Islamic world.