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In contrast to what many people think, psychopathy is not an mental disease. It's a a personality disorder. It is about the failure of the personality, a character deviation. But how do you recognize a psychopath?

In the US it is called "sociopath" while in Europe it's oftenly called "antisocial personality disorder" according to the magazine Illustrated Science.

There is a disagreement among experts about what a psychopathy really is. But despite that, experts largely agree on many things that characterize a psychopath.

He/she is charming, finds it easy to talk to others, he is gesturing frequently and seem very targeted. A psychopath has absolutely no empathy, therefore has no ability to empathize with what other people think and feel.


Psychopaths often overestimate themselves, exploiting other people, manipulating them and feel no guilt when someone is suffering because of them. They are often unreliable and untruthful. They can not foresee the consequences of their actions. They can ignore an education or resign from their jobs, if anything or anyone stand in their way. They get into debt; even on behalf of others; and are often among the violent genuine men.

Psychopaths can not even admit that they have a problem, making it very difficult to treat them.

According to many different studies, psychopaths are generally over-represented in business and among senior executives and in politics. Approximately 2-3 percent of the population are considered to be psychopaths, but in the business world and in politics among top leaders, 4-5 percent are considered to be psychopaths.