Montage/Youtube/Wikipedia - Illustration: Jacob Rothschild, 80, and David Rockefeller who died at an age of 101, in March 2017, from two of the richest family dynasties in the world.


The more money you have, the healthier you are and the longer you live, says a new study from the US Public Health Agency Centers for Disease Control, CDC.

And a separate CDC study found that the higher you are on the income ladder, the less likely they are to suffer from insomnia.

The results are remarkably consistent. Bloomberg's John Tozzi points out that almost every category of disease - from heart disease to kidney disease - decreases in incidence as the income rises.

There are lots of reasons why every little extra wealth and income improves health and longevity. Since the study was conducted in the United States, access to better health care is perhaps the most obvious factor. Wealthier people also benefit from better living conditions in general. It is also more likely poor are more stressed and depressed than the rich, according to the conclusions in the study.

A similar study was conducted in the United Kingdom. The study showed that children who grew up in the richest parts of the country lived 20 years longer than those who grew up in the poorest.