Footballer wore a shirt with Putin - Now facing disqualification and disciplinary actions by UEFA

© Youtube - Dmitri Tarasov

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A Russian midfielder from football club Lokomotiv Moscow could be benched for displaying a shirt picturing President Vladimir Putin after his team was defeated by Turkey’s Fenerbahce, a source said Wednesday according to Sputnik News.

The 28-year-old footballer Dmitri Tarasov approached the Russian team's fans and pulled off his team shirt to reveal a second one with Putin’s face on it and words reading "the most polite president."

Now he is facing disqualification and disciplinary actions by UEFA for his action, as it might seen as a provocation against the Turks, which Russia nowadays has political feud with.
- "This is a clear breach of disciplinary regulations and an obvious provocation," a source in the European football’s governing body told R-Sport.