Youtube/screenshot/ - Daniel Ek, founder of Spotify.

The founder of Spotify, entrepreneur, Daniel Ek, says in a interview that he got depressed when he found out that women only was after his money and status when he got rich and famous and started to date in trendy pubs.

"I was on Stureplan [Stockholm] and tried to get the girls I could not get before, but I noticed it was not me they were interested in, but the status and the money I had. I got extremely depressed."


Daniel Ek says that the whole society, particularly in the US, is all about making money in a short time.

"Somehow I realized that money does not change that much."

The Spotify founder Daniel Ek became a multimillionaire when he was 23 years old. Already as a small child he learned to build video games because his family could not afford to buy new ones. He says he did not have much money when he was growing up in a suburb in Stockholm in Sweden, and therefore back then associated money with happiness.