Blonde model murdered in Iraq by Islamists for being “too good looking”

Karar Nushi - FacebookKarar Nushi - Facebook

A blonde male model, by the name of Kara Nushi, was found murdered brutally in the Iraqi capital of Bagdhad this week. He was believed to have been killed for his long blonde hair and for being “too good looking” and for his inappropriate clothing, Iraq News reports.

Nushi had been warned earlier by religious leaders in the country that his behavior is not comparable with Islam.

He was often seen in streets of Baghdad, posing with his female fans for pictures. He was very popular because of his blonde hair in the Iraq, because it is a rarity in the country.

Nushi also participated in male beauty pageants, which is thought to have made extremists furious of rage.

He was found dead in the streets of Baghdad and his body showed signs of torture and was mutilated.

Nushi worked as a model and an actor, and recently played in a comedy at the Najah Theatre. He was also a student of Arts, at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, before he was murdered.