Britain: More nine-year-olds wear diapers and are not potty trained – School teachers have to wipe kid’s butts

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Britain has an increasing problem in the society with more and more school children, by the age of nine, that still are not potty trained and can’t use a toilet properly. They even have to use diapers so they can go to school.

In many reported cases, school teachers have had to wipe kid’s bottoms after toilet visits according to the Daily Mail.

According to the Daily Mail, a report states the avergae age at which children are toilet trained has increased to three-and-a-half years, when it was 15 months 50 years ago.

Another survey across Britain of 700 teachers, revealed 70 per cent of primary schools are reporting an increase in the number of five-year-olds starting school wearing diapers.

Britain is facing a diaper crisis, according to the UK’s top potty training expert.

The cause to this increasing diaper problem in the British society, is not yet really clarified.

George Carlin on the other hand had a lot to say about parenting in modern time.