African dude with 12 wives and 100 kids wants more – Accidentally proposed marriage to one of his daughters


This guy, 80-year-old farmer, Togbui Kofi Asilenu from Ghana, has 100 kids with 12 wives, but he thinks that it’s not enough and wants to find more wives to get more kids.

With all these kids and wifes, that can be confusing for any man to recognize, or even know what the hell their name is, Asilenu went out one night in town to look for a new woman. And there he met a 40-year-old hot chick that he found very sexy and attractive. So he proposed to the woman to marry him.

The only problem was, that the woman was one of his many daughters, that he already has.

Asilenu says that he is a religious man and he is living by the “Biblical words in Genesis 1:28 where God told man to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.”