Youtuber killed by pregnant girlfriend while doing a moronic video prank – Honey, shoot me in the chest, nothing will happen

Monalisa Perez and Luiz Perez III - Screenshot/CBS/YoutubeMonalisa Perez and Luiz Perez III - Screenshot/CBS/Youtube

A Youtuber and a prankster by the name of Pedro Ruiz III, 22, from Minnesota, got killed accidently by his pregnant girlfriend, during a stupid stunt he wanted to pull and post a video of it on Youtube to show his followers his most dangerous stunt, according to Startribune.

He asked his girlfriend Monalisa Perez, 19, to shoot him thru a book, by aiming at his chest. He said he wanted to test if the bullet could go thru the book. Well guess what, it tragically went thru the book.

Monalisa Perez has now been charged with second-degree manslaughter two days after she shot her Pedro Ruiz in the chest at close range outside their home in northwest Minnesota.

Monalisa told police that her boyfriend had been urging her to partake in the video for a while, and showed her a different book that he had shot in which the bullet hadn’t gone all the way through to convince her to along with the stupid stunt.

The couple were expecting their second child.