Female staff at asylum center charged – Had sex several times with underage refugee boys

Illustration: Refugee center in Germany - WikipediaIllustration: Refugee center in Germany - Wikipedia

Two Danish women who were staff members at an asyulm seeking center for immigrant children in Tullebølle in Denmark, are accused of having sex multiple times with underage immigrant boys.

The two women, 36 and 52, who are trained specalist pedagogues, have been charged for having sex with two immigrant boys under 17, as employed staff members at the center and as their supervisors, which is forbidden by law in Denmark, and can lead up to 4 years in prison, according to Ekstrabladet.

The women had sex with the boys in cars, in their homes and at parking lots.

The two refugee boys had recently been put in custody at the asylum center, were the two women were worked as their supervisors, after an incident at a music festival in Langeland, where the two boys were linked to sexual harassment and assaults against teenage girls.