Brussels: Arab princesses gets jail for keeping 23 immigrant women as slaves

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Eight Arab princesses from the royal family, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, were sentenced to prison by a Belgian court for human trafficking and for have abused 23 immigrant women that they treated like slaves.

Sheikha Hamda Alnehayan, widow of sheikh of Abu Dhabi, and her seven daughters got 15 months in jail and most pay a fine of 165,000 euros to the victims.

The Court equated the case with modern slavery.

The case was discovered back in 2008 after a police raid, when the princesses lived a whole year at a luxury hotel in Brussels, where they rented a whole floor for themselves. A servant of the family managed to escape from the hotel and complained to Belgian police.

With them they had brought 23 female immigrant servants, mostly from Asia and Africa, that they treated badly by not paying them any salary, forced them to work all the time, sleep on dirty madresses on floors outside the hotel rooms and forbidding them to go outside. They even took their passports away from them.

They servants were even humiliated with nick names like “whores”, “dogs”, “cows” and so on.

The princesses carried out the abuses in the same year that Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed, another member of the UAE’s al-Nahyan ruling family, bought Manchester City football club, BBC reports.