New study reveals: Soaps can cause allergy in 50% of all cases

Illustration - Montage/WIkipediaIllustration - Montage/WIkipedia

A new survey by Norwegian experts in a consumer organization, shows that half of the nearly 50 commonly occurring hand soaps in the market, are allergenic or potential endocrine disrupters.

The organization found that in 26 of the 48 varieties of soap, there were substances that can cause allergic reactions. Six of them also contain endocrine disruptors. The harmful substances include certain products from major soap brands like Eucerin and Palmolive.

Gregory Moore is a administrator at the Swedish Chemicals Agency, who works with tasks that include endocrine disruptors, and he commented this latst survey to Swedish media.

– There are several hormonal systems in the body that can be disturbed by this kind of substances. In the worst case, for example, lead to cancer. There are also several substances that are suspected endocrine disruptors and may affect the body of a combined exposure. But we are not sure how, he says, and continues:

A group that is particularly susceptible to this kind of subjects are children. Foster may also be affected.