8 simple steps to be more happy every day – Even if things can suck

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To be more happier and further more, more mentally stable and productive, you have to make some changes in your lifestyle to get a better health, mentally and physically.

These eight steps will definitely help you to feel better about yourself.

1. Daily Exercise

Exercises have a way of making you feel happy, great and fantastic. It is also an excellent and a healthy method to get rid of stress and restore peace in the mind. You don’t even have to exercise hard every day, just go for a long walk everyday and this will improve your life quality.

2. Help other people

By doing something for other people, you will feel better about yourself. It makes you happy, makes you feel important and at the same time motivates you to work hard and smart to try to impact some changes in the society.

3. Wake Up Early

Sleeping long and hard is good, but it’s not good to wake up late and to see that the world already is in motion and get the feeling that you are the last person that woke up. Individuals that are the most successful tend to wake up the earliest. It is a way of starting the day well, and it gives individuals the confidence that they will be as productive as they are required to be.

4. Live the Moment

Some of us may be a little or very worried about the future happenings that occurred and left us frustrated and disappointed. Instead of focusing on whatever we cannot change, it is paramount to enjoy life when we can and try to work towards never repeating mistakes that made us disappointed or frustrated. It is vital to, therefore, maintain a greater focus on what is happening now and today and not worry a lot about what already happened.

5. Gratitude

Show gratitude to people that support you. It will make you and them fell better.

6. Be Social

Try to be social every day. Be with friends and family members. If you are alone, try atleast to be outside and meet with people every day.

7. Have fun

Find something that is funny every day. Crazy stuff, like reading stupid news on Wackoz.com or watching Borat, or some stand up comedian, whatever. Nothing beats a great laugh. Just relax and don’t take life that seriously and everything will get better.

8. Healthy food

Eat healthy and good food, and drink lots of water. “You are what you eat”. Healthy food should not taste like shit, be boring and disgusting. Just spice it up with natures “fruits” och “spices”.