This is how you survive terrorist attacks according to specialists

Illustration: Russian Spetsnaz forces and alleged terrorist suicide bombers in Brussels. - Montage/YoutubeIllustration: Russian Spetsnaz forces and alleged terrorist suicide bombers in Brussels. - Montage/Youtube

A former KGB-agent and Spetsnaz specialist on counter-terrorism gives 8 advices on how to survive terrorist attacks.

Vladimir Yeliseyev is a veteran of the Alfa anti-terrorism Spetsnaz (special forces) group, founded as part of the Soviet KGB, and is now a part of Russia’s FSB (Federal Security Service). He is also a specialist on counter-terrorism.

He gave Russian state owned news agency, Sputnik Deutschland, 8 important and crucial tips on how to survive a terrorist attack.

1. Do not panic

In a state of panic, many people get injured.

2. Do not run with the crowd

Risk of being trampled by running people.

3. If you are not injured, look around

Try to remember people and objects. The terrorist could be nearby.

4. Do not touch others’ belongings or unknown objects

They could contain parts of explosives.

5. Try to leave as soon as possible

There is a possibility of a repeat explosion.

6. Follow the instructions and orders of law enforcement

They know which direction to go to not end up in a place with smoke or building collapse.

7. Find medical help fast if you are injured

You may not be able to notice your injuries while in a state of shock.

8. Try to remember everything that happened

The information will be needed later, during the investigation. That way you will aid the investigation of the terrorist attack.