More adults have never had sex

More and more grown adults have never had sex. It’s more common that these people are over 40 years old.

To unwillingly live without a sex life is more common than many people think, according to many sexologists.

– As the topic is sensitive and taboo, there are probably people who suffer in solitude; if this problem hed been highlighted more, then probaly more people would have been more open wiht this issue, says Jack Lukkerz, sexological adviser. Swedish news website Svd reports.

The cause is not fully understood, although there are some explanations and patterns that shows why the problem has increased.

“If you are 40 years and have never had sex, many people do everything to try to hide this, and they often feel like failures, so they might avoid all sorts of social gatherings, says Lukkerz., who also says that it mostly are men who have normal lifes.

There are no simple explanations; it can be about the fear of rejection, insecurity, social phobia and trauma, says Jack Lukkerz. But he does not think that one should underestimate the significance of coincidence – it may involve unfortunate circumstances. “Time is central; for each year that passes it becomes more difficult to get over the barrier, leading to a vicious circle”, he adds.