Experts: Want to be a successful leader? Then seek feedback all the time

Illustration J.R Ewing (fictional character) as business leader. - WikipediaIllustration J.R Ewing (fictional character) as business leader. - Wikipedia

Experts claims that the most successful leaders are often the ones who actively seek feedback and advice from the people they work with.

According to Suzanne Bates, CEO of Bates Communications and author of the new book All the Leader You Can Be, “successful leaders often have peer mentors, or coworkers who they regularly exchange feedback with.”

Bates says seeking feedback on your performance is a critical step on the path to developing executive presence, which she defines as “the qualities of a leader that engage, inspire, align, and move people to act.”

In an interview with Business Insider, Bates claims that “people who have peer mentors (and mentors) tend to rise faster through their organization” than people who try to go it alone. Bates added that it’s valuable if your peer mentor works in a different business or department at your organization.

So in other words, you should really love criticism, or like they usually call it, positive feedback, to get successful as a leader.