What ever happened to Eddie Murphy’s famous laugh? – Find out here


Hollywood superstar and comedian Eddie Murphy was famous during the eighties with his famous spectacular laugh, that was his trademark. But then it just stopped. Nowadays you never hear Murphy laugh like that. So what happened?

Well, it turns out that Murphy thought the laugh got weird when people came up to him and imitated his famous laugh.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine in 2011, when Murphy got the question, he claimed that the laugh was in fact real and not fake, but he decided to change how it sounded:

“I don’t laugh like that anymore, somehow it doesn’t come out. It’s weird to change something that’s as natural as that. But it started out as a real laugh, then it turned into people laughing because they thought my laugh was funny, and then there were a couple of times where I laughed because I knew it would make people laugh. Then it got weird. People came up to me and said, “Do that laugh,” or if you laugh, someone turns around and goes, “Eddie?” I just stopped doing it.”

Eddie Murphy and his famous 80s laugh.