Seagulls attacking people, eating goose babies and doing other crazy shit you wouldn’t belive

Seagull attacking a Mercedes Benz - Screenshot/YoutubeSeagull attacking a Mercedes Benz - Screenshot/Youtube

Have you ever walked around a nice spring day, minding your business, and then all of the sudden seeing something grey, tiny and ugly running around on the ground in front of you, and suddenly you are being attacked by a fucking Seagull from the air?

Well, it seems that baby Seagulls are small and tiny and can’t fly. So there parents are watching over them from the sky, and are known to attack people if they feel something is threatening their babies.

This is really is an aggressive and crazy motherfucking bird – Or should we say, a flying rat?

We have put together some compilations of videos showing you the true nature of this insane and angry bird, that you would never had believed in, if you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes.

Crazy Seagull attacks a woman and steals her fast food:

Seagulls attacking a man who is holding a baby Seagull in his arms:

Seagull takes a baby goose:

Seagull swallows a baby duck:

Seagull attacks its own reflection in a black Mercedes Benz car bumper: