How to become rich by using your mind only

Illustration - Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) in the movie "Wall Street" - Montage/WikipediaIllustration - Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) in the movie "Wall Street" - Montage/Wikipedia

Do you want to become rich and make lots of money? Of course you do. Stupid question. Who wouldn’t? But are you in your mind thinking like a rich or a poor person? Well perhaps that is your problem in the first place, that you don’t think in your mind and behave like a rich person.

According to financial expert Robert Kiyosaki and his book Dad, Poor Dad, thoughts are the most crucial factors that decides whether you become rich or stay poor like always.

In his book, Kiyosaki give us some examples of what to do to become more rich and successful, by using only your mind, and think like a rich person instead of thinking like a poor person:

Fear of failure

All people have a natural fear of losing money. The difference between rich and poor is not fear itself but how the fear is handled. Wealthy people see failure as a part of success. They learn from errors of judgment and are not afraid to fail.

Overcome your fear of money

Kiyosaki talks about two main emotions that prevent people from becoming rich: the fear of losing money (and not being able to pay their expenses), and the desire to keep up appearances by buying expensive stuff like clothes or cars.

These emotions drive costs, so they have no choice but to continue working for money and a certain lifestyle. At the same time, they are prevented from evaluating investments and alternative sources of income.

Educate yourself on money

Wealthy people see work as a way to educate themselves and learn new things. Poor people see work as a way to make money.

Kiyosakis advice is to use the work to acquire skills, not only to get money and security. Higher education or a good job does not guarantee financial success, but it is only when you know what you can use your income to which you are able to go from poor to rich.

Create your own success

If you do like everyone else, you also get the same results as everyone else. To become one of the few people who actually become rich, you have to do things different from everyone else. Because most people are not rich.

Few people seem to understand that there are shortcuts, and perhaps the most important is to learn from those who have made the trip before.

Take time out regularly

You must make an active choice and devote time and effort to build up your financial knowledge. Kiyosaki recommends you warmly to create the proper time and regular time-outs, where you take the time to build your wealth.

Eliminate bad habits

Breaking habits, reduce costs and remove abundance of luxury products is easier said than done. But to achieve your goals you must be prepared to remove all the bad spending and behaviors. According to Kiyosaki, it is crucial to be successful.

Mimic the rich

Avoid arrogance and know-it-attitude if you want to achieve financial success. Kiyosakis tip is to always be willing to learn from those who are already successful, and try to emulate their lives and choices. Get a mentor or a role model.

How has your role model done to get where he is today?

Challenge your financial comfort zone

To get rich, you must dare to invest money outside your comfort zone. The classical savings in the bank will not lead to wealth during your lifetime, as interest rates are often below the inflation rate.

Kiyosaki believes that a growing wealth requires a certain degree of risk, and to dare to take the economic (and calculated) risks you need to build an economically self-confidence. To do its best by start small and learn something new in every small business you do. Another interesting way to learn economic theory is understood Kiyosaki’s own game Cashflow.

Focus on your assets

Rich people focus on improving the size of their investments. Poor people focus on demanding wage increases and increase their pay.

By keeping costs down and reduce debts, give yourself space and time to focus on the assets. For many, a high salary is the biggest enemy to create real wealth.