Expert says “Paedophilia can be cured with drugs”


Can drugs ‘cure’ paedophilia? It is a question Swedish scientists seeks to answer in a unique new trial. They are working on a ‘cure’ for paedophilia. The trial involves a drug that disrupts testosterone.

According to Professor Belinda Winder, Head of the Sexual Offences, Crime and Misconduct Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University, paedophilia can be cured with cancer drug Degarelix.

Professor Belinda Winder makes this statement during a Swedish trial in a pedophile case, and the Professor says that the drug can reduce men’s urges to sexually abuse children and that similar drugs are used in UK prison service and “they do work”, Daily Mail reports.

But the drug will not stop child abuse as offendors want to inflict damage, because many who offend against children are perfectly capable of controlling their sexual urges but choose not to, understanding the damage they are inflicting, according to Professor Winder.