Black men perceived as stronger, bigger and more dangerous then white men

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Black men are being perceived as stronger, bigger and more threatening then white men, a new study shows.

Both black and white participants to the study had this stereotypical view of black men, that were seen as more threatening and dangerous than white men.

The scientists behind the study, John Paul Wilson and his colleagues at Montclair State University in the state of New Jersey conducted a series of experiments.

They let 950 people from all over the U.S appreciate the height, weight, strength and overall muscle mass from a number of facial photographs of black and white men. The depicted men all had similar height and physique.

Despite that, the participants perceived black men to be much larger, more muscular and more menacing than white men.

“We found that men with darker skin color and more stereotypical black facial features ran the greatest risk of being misunderstood regarding body proportions. This despite the fact that they were not bigger than fair-skinned men with less stereotypical facial features,” said John Paul Wilson in a statement.

John Paul Wilson added; “Our research suggests that these descriptions may reflect stereotypes of black males that do not seem to comport with reality”.