Sex with donkeys is a normal activity in some parts of the world – “Everybody does it”

A local man on his way to have sex with a donkey. - ScreenshotA local man on his way to have sex with a donkey. - Screenshot

In some parts of the world it’s perfectly normal behaviour to have sex with animals. It’s apparently a part of growing up for boys, which this documentary by the Vice shows, were it’s a bizarre custom for local men and boys in Cartagena in Colombia, of all ages, to have sex with donkeys.

They actually believe that they will get a bigger penis and great experience before they can meet a woman and get married.

One man in the video claims that even the doctors recomend boys in puberty to “fuck donkeys”, as it helps to “stretch your dick” and helps “develop size”.

A woman with a toddler in her arms, says it’s perfectly for boys to have sex with donkeys as much as they want, if they don’t have a woman. She even says that all boys at the age of 11 are looking around for donkeys and do it. “It’s normal”, she adds.

According to Dr Hani Miletski, author of the book, Understanding Bestiality and Zoophilia, who is being interviewed, says that this bizarre tradition is not something typical for Colombia, but in fact occurs in other civilisations around the world as well.

She mentions that in some places thay have sex with dogs, and that men prefer dogs in may cases even when they have a woman, because the dog “is more tighter” than a woman, according to Dr Miletski.