Swedish dude wears an Islamic veil when he goes to work


A man i Sweden, Göran Mårtensson went to work for one day, dressed in an Islamic Hijab. He wanted to show that one can do everything by wearing a veil, just like everybody else.

“I can fry hamburgers, make waffles and clean just as well in this“, he told the local media.

The decision to wear a Hijab for one day, was a form of protest against an EU-court decision last week, were the court gave a Belgian company the right to fire a Muslim woman, because she was wearing an Islamic head veil.

Göran who works alot with many Somali and Arab women who wears veils, was upset by the court’s decision. So he wanted to show “solidarity with his fellow sisters.”

– I want to show that you do not work any worse with this on. Why should we in 2017 keep arguing about such trivial things as a shawl – do we not have more important things to do?