Video leaked out showing the assassination of a Russian politician in Ukraine – He was a critic of Putin


A video has been leaked out showing the assassination of the Russian politician Denis Voronenkov on the streets of Kiev in Ukraine.

The hit man came from behind Voronenkov and his bodyguard, as the video shows, and shot Voronenkov in the back of the head.

The bodyguard tried to respond but also got hit. The the hitman fired a couple of more shots to the back of the head on Voronenkov who was lying down after the first shot. But the bodyguard managed to shoot the killer who later died at hospital of the injuries.

The hit man was identified as Pavel Parshov according to Radio Free Europe and The Moscow Times, a Donbass rebel fighter in the civil war, that is still taking place in eastern Ukraine.

Who is behind the murder still remains unclear.

Denis Vorononekov is said to have been a critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin.