Movie about sperm donations is a success in Egypt


A new movie, Bashtery Ragel, is released, with what you would probably think would be a controversial topic in Islamic parts of the world, with topics like sperm donations and independent single Muslim arabic business women. Surprisingly, the movie is said to have taken Egypt by storm and is apparently a major success in the country according to France24.

Bashtery Ragel is a romantic comedy movie about a single Middle Eastern business woman (Shams), played by Russian/Egyptian acctress and fashion model, Nelly Karim, in her late thirties, who does not want to get married, but wants to become a single mom and to raise children on her own.

So she decides to seek for sperm donors on Facebook.

According to France24, the movie tackles several issues that is very religious and social taboo in every Muslim dominated Arab and Middle Eastern country: Sex, artificial insemination and female empowerment.

The movie’s success was boosted by a pre-release marketing campaign in which the producers set up a Facebook page purportedly owned by a woman who was, yes, looking for a sperm donor.

The page got thousands of likes and spurred heated debates between commentators.

The film was the second-biggest winner at the box office in its second week.