4-year-old boy dies after he visits the dentist

Youtube - 4-year-old Mykel PetersonYoutube - 4-year-old Mykel Peterson

A 4-year-old boy dies after a visit to the dentist – After being put to sleep during a dental procedure.

Thmeka Curry’s 4-year-old son Mykel Peterson died after a visit to the Must Love Kids dental clinic in Vancouver for a tooth surgery.

Instead of giving him gas to go to sleep for the surgery, an anesthesiologist gave him a shot, and she the mother rocked him until he fell asleep.

After surgery, the mother said she was told to come back in and wait for Mykel to wake up. That never happened. 4-year-old Mykel died.

The Vancouver police, though, told KOIN 6 News they have no information there was anything criminal that led to Mykel’s death and they are not currently investigating.

Drug test results will take several weeks to determine the cause and manner of how Mykel died.