Woman takes president Donald Trump to court for blocking her on Twitter

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A woman, Holly O’Reilly, says president Donald Trump violates her constitutional rights, by blocking her tweets and responses on Twitter and says she will sue Trump in court.

Holly O’Reilly wrote an article in Washington Post that president Trump can “can unblock me, or see me in court.” She then goes on writing:

The president of the United States, the leader of the free world, has blocked me on Twitter. Did I make death threats against him? Did I use foul language or threaten his family?

Of course not.

I told him that the pope looked at him funny — using an animated GIF with some precision papal side eye.

She also writes that this issue “isn’t just about Trump, and it’s not just about Twitter. It’s about ensuring that as new platforms of communication are developed, and more and more politicians use social media as a primary way to communicate with constituents, we don’t lose our ability to participate in our democracy or exercise our First Amendment rights.”

Holly O’Reilly comes to the conclusion that “The Founding Fathers didn’t foresee Twitter, but they certainly provided a framework to make sure we could always engage with the people who purport to represent us.”