Transgender boy wins girls wrestling championship


A transgender boy,┬áMack Beggs, won the University Interscholastic League (UIL) state girls’ championship in Texas. This makes “him” the first transgender boy to win a state wrestling title. But Beggs said he would prefer to wrestle boys instead.

Beggs, was born female and currently is transitioning to male. Despite the fact that he identifies as a boy, the league allows him to wrestle only against girls.

Beggs began to publicly identify as male five years ago, but didn’t start medical treatment to physically transition until October 2015, which requires him to take doses of testosterone to become a boy.

The change hasn’t been easy, but Beggs says he’s been treated “well and kind” at his school. “The staff, the teachers, the administration are all very supportive,” he said to CNN.

According to the UIL, wrestlers can only compete against their own gender, which is determined based on a student’s birth certificate.