Toe-sucker accused of several cases of sexual harassments of women

Screenshot/Youtube - The suspect, Joseph Jones.Screenshot/Youtube - The suspect, Joseph Jones.

A man was arrested by police, after several complaints of sucking on women’s toes in a mall in Toledo, Ohio, and for giving them unwanted and unexpected foot massages.

The suspect, Joseph Jones, was in court on Tuesday to face menacing and sexual imposition charges.

He was at first accused of sucking the toes and kissing the cheek of a store employee in December.

Then three other women who work at the same mall, came forward and said that Joseph Jones took off their shoes and began massaging their feet and sucking on their toes.

One of the women, described Jones as well-dressed and as an attractive man. He complimented the young woman for her shoes and asked her to take them off so he can get a better look.

He then grabbed on to her feet and sucked her toes. Jones then kissed her on the cheek and told her he would come back.

Joseph Jones has now been banned from the mall.