Man bites his girlfriend’s nose off and chews on other body parts – The victim wants all charges dismissed

John Abdo - Montage/Charles Mix County JailJohn Abdo - Montage/Charles Mix County Jail

30-year-old John Abdo from South Dakota, bit his 22-year-old girlfriend’s nose off during an argument, then he started to chew on her body. He chewed her torso, arms, legs and face. The injuries on the woman was described by doctors as “horrific”.

Abdo was found guilty of aggravated assault. The Daily Republic reports that Judge Bruce Anderson called the attack “unforgivable” which took place in January 2016.

He was at first sentenced to 15 years in prison by court, but the victim asked the judge to dismiss all charges against Abdo in a letter, and not to prosecute him. So the judge suspended 8 years and sentenced Abdo to 7 years in prison instead.

Judge Anderson said he would take the victim’s letter with “grain of salt” just before issuing his sentences.

Abdo was also sentenced to serve half a year for escape. He failed to return to jail following a job interview in February 2016 and was on the lam for four months.

The judge told Abdo to think about what kind of role model he’d like to be, and praised his writing abilities. Abdo created a website, in which he writes blog posts and sharing his passion for his Native American culture.