Guy jumped into crocodile water and was severely bitten with blood everywhere – Wanted to impress on a beautiful girl so she would go on a date with him

Montage/Youtube - Lee De Pauuw and Sophie Paterson.Montage/Youtube - Lee De Pauuw and Sophie Paterson.

18-year-old teenager Lee De Pauuw from Australia, wanted to impress on a British backpacker beauty, Sophie Paterson, so she could go out on a date with him. So this guy came up with the brilliant idea to jump down into crocodile and bull shark water, where he was severely bitten by a giant crocodile and almost lost his arm.

This whole bizarre incident took place near a river in north Queensland.

The terrified girl who witnessed the whole spectacle didn’t find this stunt amusing at all, and rejected his invites to go out on a date with him for a few drinks, although they were reunited on radio were Lee De Pauuw “got his 15 minutes of fame” to tell his story.

Despite Miss Paterson rejecting him, after his “brave” attempt , Mr De Pauuw said he’s still “head over heels”.

No offense, but seriously, what the fuck was this guy thinking about? Was he out after an Darwin award with this stupid stunt he just pulled?

Some guys seem to do what ever it takes to get a chicks attention apparently. Yikes!