Chinese boss pays employees $15 for every kilogram they lose in weight – Take a wild guess what happens

Wang Xuebao and his employees - YoutubeWang Xuebao and his employees - Youtube

The head of an investment firm in China, Wang Xuebao, has set up a new monthly cash reward system, to motivate his employees to lose weight and fat.

The employees of Xian Jingtian Investment Consulting in Xian City, will recieve $15(100 Yuan) for every kilogram of body fat that they lose.

Wang Xuebao came up with the idea after realizing that both he and his staff were spending most of their time behind a desk with unhealthy food, and weren’t moving around enough.

“Through this weight-loss activity, we can form a culture and engage in healthy competition.” he told CNWest.

The results so far: The program has been a success. Employees have started to eating healthier and even going to the gym as often as they can, and they have become richer in the process. Over half of the staff has reportedly managed to meet the requirements to earn more money due to their fat loss.

One of the employees, Zhou Wei, managed to lose 20 kilograms over the last two months, and collected $300.