Celeb bodybuilder Sandro Hofer dies after falling from a brothel window

Youtube - Sandro Hofer.Youtube - Sandro Hofer.

he champion bodybuilder, Sandro Hofer, 32, fell to his death in Zurich, Switzerland, landing on the pavement in front of his parked car.

According to Swiss police the exact circumstances around Hofer’s death are not yet known and are being investigated whether the death was an accident, suicide or a crime, according to Basler Zeitung.

Apparently he had been visiting two unnamed Romanian sex workers who were arrested by police for questioning, but released shortly after.

Hofer’s wife suspects that her husband may have been delivering drugs to the brothel, rather than visiting prostitutes.

Hofer had previously been linked to illegal substances according to Swiss media.

Hofer’s wife said to police that she suspected that her husband were suicidal.

“He wanted to jump from the window two weeks ago.” according to Basler Zeitung.