Airline have been reported to Putin for discriminating “old, fat and ugly” flight attendants and favoring beauty models

Aeroflot/Youtube - IllustrationAeroflot/Youtube - Illustration

Russian airline company, Aeroflot, is accused of discriminating employed female flight attendants with “ordinary” looks, by swapping them with beautiful women who are said to be “young and thin”, as part of a “rebranding” the company image on popular flights.

Now a fuming group of air hostesses, calling themselves STS (In Russian the abbreviation stands for “old, fat, ugly”) has written to the Russian president Vladimir Putin to complain about the discrimination, The Daily Star reports.

The experienced and loyal staff members lose money, and miss out on layovers in exotic foreign destinations, according to the complain.

Aeroflot has denied the accusation of discrimination and say the allegations are based on “rumours and speculation”.