Rapper wants to make a sex slave of Melania Trump

Shad Moss Bow Wow - YoutubeShad Moss Bow Wow - Youtube

A rapper called Shad Moss Bow Wow (Lil’ Bow Wow), threatens President Donald Trump to make his wife Melania Trump a sex slave in apparently the gangsta’ rapper community, were “they” will be her pimps.

Shad Moss sent the threat in a Twitter message to Donald Trump about his wife Melania.

He was apparently mad about Trump’s earlier dispute, with his rap star colleague Snoop Dogg and his Donald Trump assassination music video, were Snoop Dogg points a gun to a clown’s head dressed like Donald Trump.

Shad Moss wrote:

“Ayo Donald Trump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle Snoop Dogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”