Man stabs himself to skip work and blames he got robbed


54-year-old Masaru Miura from Kasugai city, in Japan, got sick and tired of his job, and decided to skip work by stabbing himself in the hip with a kitchen knife, to tell the police that he got robbed so he could stay at home. But instead, he got arrested by police.

When police arrived they found Miura in a very bad shape, trying to stop the bleeding, and they started to ask questions about “the attacking robber”.

But the police discovered very soon that something was not right in Miura’s version of the alleged attack. It became obvious that Miura had made up the whole story and lied about the whole incident.

Miura eventually confessed and told police that he was dissatisfied with work-related issues at work. So he came up with the brilliant idea to stab himself in the hip, because he thought that was a perfect solution to skip work, for at least one day.