Immigrant sexually molested 8 women at the beach, but gets no jail because it wasn’t his fault – He was not used to see girls in bikini

Illutration: Bikini at the beach - Youtube/ScreenshotIllutration: Bikini at the beach - Youtube/Screenshot

An unnamed Afghan immigrant in Australia, who claims he’s 17-years-old, spent two hours at the beach in Queensland, sexually molesting 8 different girls by touching them in private parts. But he gets no jail, because court considers it is not the immigrants fault, because he is not used to see women in short bikinis at the beach.

He touched their breasts, behinds and their genitals. The victims’ ages ranged from 15 to 24.

The judge took pity on the Afghan because of his foreign and Muslim background. He noted that the Afghan immigrant is not used to seeing women in bikinis as revealing clothes are forbidden in Afghanistan.

Instead of jail, the defendant was sentenced to two years probation with no conviction being placed on his record.