Beggars can now collect money by credit card payments thru Contactless Payment Jacket

Dingena Mol/PhotomontageDingena Mol/Photomontage

A contactless payments jacket has been introduced by a company in Amsterdam which will allow beggars to accept credit card payments without touching the person, according to Dutch media Het Parool.

It’s getting and harder for beggars to survive on spare change handouts these days. That is why a Dutch company in Amsterdam has come up with this new innovation to help beggars to collect money from donors in a more modern way.

The method guarantees that money is not spent on booze, drugs and cigarettes. Because the money goes into a bank account managed by a homeless shelter, and can only be used to purchase food, pay for a bath or spend a night at a homeless shelter.

The jacket was developed by Carsten van Berkel and Stefan Leendertse of N = 5, an Amsterdam-based company.

The jacket allows people to donate 1 euro to the wearer using their contactless smart card. The unusual clothing item has a card reader sewn into it, and in order to donate 1 euro to the wearer, all you have to do is hold the card close to the jacket for a few moments, and the sum is automatically debited from your bank account