Tai Chi master in a fight with a MMA-guy to determine once and for all which fighting technique is better – Yeah right, that’s a tough one. Not!


A Tai-Chi master, Wei Lei, went up in a fight against the MMA–fighter Xu Xiaodong to determine which martial art technique is better and more powerful, and useful in a real fight.

Prior to the bout, MMA fighter Xu had criticized traditional martial arts for being outdated and “a lie” without combat purposes, strongly insulting Tai-Chi in particular.

In response Wei challenged him to a duel. The stage was set in Chengdu, China in front of a large crowd with a referee and MC.

Well, as you might have understood at this moment, the fight was over in about a few seconds. Not surprisingly, the MMA-guy beats the shit out of the Tai-Chi master.

Tai-Chi this motherfucker!