New leaked video show some cops in Turkmenistan harassing a transgender


A newly leaked and released video, shows some Turkmen police officers questioning a detained transgender person by harassing and making fun out of her.

The taped incident, which also included a gender test and other forms of shaming, surfaced on May 16 in an undated, 90-second video posted by the Europe-based website, known to regurlary publish material critical of Turkmen authorities according to Radio Free Liberty.

The video is in Turkmen, but is translated with subtitiles into English and Russian language.

According to, the interrogation was conducted by four male officers at an Ashgabat police station.

At one point the transgender person is ordered to show her/his genitalia to prove her gender, and taunting her by saying things like:

“Get this goddamn faggot out of here”

“As a man, do you sell yourself for money? Would you go with me? I’ll pay you 20 manats”

“He fucks in the ass. Kick him in the dick!”