Cristiano Ronaldo statue – Could this be the new Internet Trollface of 2017?

The Cristiano Ronaldo airport statue - TwitterThe Cristiano Ronaldo airport statue - Twitter

We all saw it, and we all laughed are asses off to it. It was one of the big news stories this week. Yes, we’re talking about the new Cristiano Ronaldo statue at the Madeira airport in Funchal, Portugal.

Users on Twitter talked about it and they shared crazy photoshopped images on social media of the bizarre statue. Even statue itself has got its own Twitter account because of its new celebrity fame.

Nobody thought it looked like the football star, besides himself, (although he didn’t look very happy during the statue ceremony.)

But still, one question has been raised – Could this be the new Trollface on Internet of 2017? I mean no offence, just looking at it, makes you wanna fall off a chair and hit the floor, in a painful laugh attack.