Nigerian invents a flying car that even can be used in waters as a boat

Kehinde Durojaiye and his invention - Montage/Youtube/CNNKehinde Durojaiye and his invention - Montage/Youtube/CNN

46-year-old Nigerian inventor Kehinde Durojaiye from Lagos, says he has created the ultimate vehicle that be used as a car, airplane and even as a boat.

He calls his invention; the “aero-amphibious jet car”, Naturally Moi reports.

The inventor claims that previously, the invention of powerful machinery and electronics was solely a “white man’s affair.”

But with this invention he thinks he proves that Africans and black people in general, could be responsible for the next wave of automotive ingenuity. They might be responsible for the mechanics of the world’s first land/sea/air automobile in the future with the aero-amphibious jet car.

So does the vehicle work? Apparently it does. Durojaiye says that in a recent interview with CNN, he notes as follows, “I tested the car and people were surprised how it could move on the land and sea.”

According to CNN, the longest distance the vehicle can travel is approximately 84 miles. The source notes that it’s able to reach speeds exceeding 70 mph.